Only School Toppers Will Be Able To Score More Than 5 In This Ultimate Grammar Quiz

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So, you think you can be part of the grammar police? Then this quiz should be a piece of cake for you: 

1. Pick the sentence that is grammatically correct: 

2. Pick the adverb from this sentence: She told me to walk quickly and take the keys from her. 

3. Pick the compound sentence: 

4. Pick the sentence that is in passive voice: 

5. Pick the verb in this sentence: The case of beer bottles is for the party tomorrow. 

6. Pick the right word to complete the sentence: Thirty minutes __ all I have to prepare for the call. 

7. How many types of pronouns are there in the English language?

via ADL

8. What is "democracy"?

9. Hate is a verb. Hatred is a noun. What is the process of turning a verb, like "hate" into a noun, like "hatred" called?

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10. Which of the following is a statement?

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